Still my favorite shooter next to Unreal Tournament, and Rainbow Six. It is so much fun, and laid back. It doesn't take itself seriously, which is what i like. Lot's of charm, and crazy characters with funny personalities. Great shooter, and deserves to be played still today. Still play it, and will continue to play. » 10/29/14 10:12pm Wednesday 10:12pm

3DS has been selling very well, and now the Wii-U is selling more than before, and with Smash Bros coming to Wii-U soon, and Pokemon OmegaRuby/AlphaSapphire coming to the 3DS they both should sell well this holiday. Hyrule Warriors has even sold more than what they were expecting. » 10/29/14 5:08am Wednesday 5:08am

I liked it more than the first Sword Art Online.. The first half of Sword Art Online was good for Sword Art Online, but when he went into the fairy world, and such i kinda just lost interest. Just my opinion though, and i really enjoyed this one. » 10/10/14 7:14am 10/10/14 7:14am

Saw Psychonaughts at the end of the video. I am playing that right now for the first time (on Steam, but using a 360 controller). The game is awesome, and i wish i wouldn't have missed it when i was younger. The game has some very creative characters, level design, and powers. I think the only thing that kinda… » 10/06/14 5:49am 10/06/14 5:49am

Could of looked a lot better on PC, but that is just laziness form the developers from making consoles first, and then doing whatever to the PC. Tired of developers making games for consoles, and then just half-assing the PC version. PC can do so much more than this. » 10/03/14 7:59pm 10/03/14 7:59pm