I liked it more than the first Sword Art Online.. The first half of Sword Art Online was good for Sword Art Online, but when he went into the fairy world, and such i kinda just lost interest. Just my opinion though, and i really enjoyed this one. » 10/10/14 7:14am 10/10/14 7:14am

Saw Psychonaughts at the end of the video. I am playing that right now for the first time (on Steam, but using a 360 controller). The game is awesome, and i wish i wouldn't have missed it when i was younger. The game has some very creative characters, level design, and powers. I think the only thing that kinda… » 10/06/14 5:49am 10/06/14 5:49am

So you made a heading that made it sound like the PC version looks better as click bait to then try to make a anti-PC article trying to tell people to not even worry about getting the PC version? Good thing i have a high end PC for more than just this game, and plays 99% of game better than any console. This game is… » 10/03/14 7:55pm 10/03/14 7:55pm

I am playing Psychonauts which i missed out on, and regret not playing it when it came out. lol Also going to be playing Assassins Creed IV which i haven't finished, and will be getting my Whit PS4 Destiny bundle so i guess i will be playing Destiny as well. (Might get Killzone SF, and Infamous SS along with it.) Also… » 10/02/14 12:14am 10/02/14 12:14am