So many amazing games on the Wii-U, i would never be fine with missing out on all of it. lol As a PC gamer mostly, i love having my Wii-U next to it to play all of Nintendo's high quality exclusives. Will get the PS4, and XboxOne eventually when they have more exclusives. Right now i don't think their price is… » 9/13/14 7:01am Saturday 7:01am

Whaaat? Boring soundtrack? I always loved listening to the music of the Sims games while i build houses, and buy furniture.. If the soundtrack is the same as the older Sims games, and you just find that boring, then i disagree, and will love listening to it again. lol Will be getting this game for sure though. » 9/10/14 6:54pm 9/10/14 6:54pm

Miiverse is so awesome. Even as a PC gamer, i have to admit that is the best community i have been a part of in forever. Everyone is very friendly, and always giving tips to help each other in games, and are also full of artist. lol They truly love games, and love posting things about them,a nd pictures too. I… » 9/07/14 8:02pm 9/07/14 8:02pm

Most of everything sucks.. Most movies suck, most music songs suck, most games suck, ect. Very rare when most of everything is amazing.. You have amazing animes, decent animes, average animes, bad animes, and terrible anime shows. Just like everything else. You do not have to like it all in order to be an otaku. lol » 9/04/14 1:05am 9/04/14 1:05am

I didn't even know people were saying it was canceled. I guess they were just hoping that the PC would miss out. lol PC is getting GTAV, Metal gear Solid V, and Destiny next year. Very few games worth getting on the consoles. (Well Wii-U has a lot of good exclusives out, and coming out, but the PS4, and XB1 not so… » 9/01/14 5:18pm 9/01/14 5:18pm